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Awesome job on joining the 28 Day Buddy Challenge!
Now I’m going to show you in just a second

How to get better lasting results with your new life style change

But first I wanted to stress the fact that you made a smart decision in joining our challenge. You see must people are still thinking about getting back into shape…

Yep!! They are sitting on their coach wondering how cool it would be to actually be fit for summer and here you are actually doing it…

Let me ask you a question now that you have started your fitness journey

How would you like to keep the results you worked so hard for and achieve better ones in half the time?

Well you can by rolling into one of our maintenance options. You picked one during orientation I just wanted to give you a recap of what your getting assuming you absolutely love us which I’m pretty sure you do.

The exclusive offer is we waive your 100% of the ENROLLMENT fee. Saving you $147.00
That’s right ZIP, NADA, ZERO Enrollment

Simply choose which program to roll into…

Both options give you UNLIMITED sessions
Any Day
Any Time…NO restrictions

Option ONE: Month to Month at $247.00 p/m..
No contract! Just give us a 30 day notice and your out..

Option TWO: 12 month program which will be at $197 very soon. However because we just opened you get this same program for only $167.

Which is what most of our members jump on because it makes the most sense financially.

Like I mentioned before by rolling into a membership you will get to keep your results that you worked so hard to achieve

Not to mention the fact that you will now begin to see your body change even faster in less time!!
All because you are gaining lean body mass which helps you BURN even MORE FAT.

Now be joining Carlsbad Fit Body Boot Camp. You will gain ONE thing that will keep you from FAILING!!


As your coach we will hold you accountable to your fitness goals.. You see we sell results not just access to a gym… We sincerely want you to get fit.

Your not just another member.. Your part of the Family and like any family we care about your your well being.

Now imagine how you will look in the next 30 days…
What will you be wearing this summer?
What will your friends say about you?

Will they envy your results and wish they had taking action like you did? All because you decided to take charge of your fitness goals…

So go ahead claim your spot. Simply select your preferred option below!

Now for those of you who are nervous we have a special guarantee. If for what ever reason you decide this isn’t for you. I will give you till the end of the month to cancel your agreement.

We have a philosophy here at FBBC that we only want to help the people who enjoy being part of our amazing family. We do not want to force anyone into anything they don’t want to do

But I know you want this and I know you need this program to continue achieving your fitness goals.

Now here is what your getting:

Unmatched Accountability (priceless)
Enrollment waived ($147)
Access to unlimited sessions, any day of the week (Value $247.00)
Meal plans… plus access to our exclusive food app ($97.00)
Next 28 challenge will be FREE (Value of $97.00)
Limited Edition T-Shirt (Value $14.99)
Charter member Certificate(Value priceless)
Total Savings $602.99

Now as you may remember we had over 100 people sign up for the buddy challenge. and unfortunately
We cannot take everyone at t his discounted rate!!!
Our corporate office would kill me….
So if your still seen this videos that means we still have room but it will be coming down very soon

So all you have to do is fill out the info below and claim your spot before they are all gone...
then you will have access to all the
goodies I mentioned plus more importantly you will continue on your fitness journey

Now while you fill out the info below I will show you countless other people who joined our program and achieved awesome results...

If you have any questions please call me direct at 760-695-0093