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Carlsbad Boot Camp - Fitness Formula

Top 4 Reasons to Join Carlsbad Boot Camp

Our Unstoppable Fitness Formula maximizes your weight loss. Carlsbad Boot Camp uses High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Exercise StackingTM and Active Rest periods. Science proves you’ll get better results than steady state training. Steady state training is a standard practice in the Fitness Industry. Like using any exercise machines at the gym. These steady state exercises keep your heart rate…

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August 19, 2015
Carlsbad Boot Camp After-BurnTM

Why Is Carlsbad Boot Camp Different Than Any Other Fitness Program?

Carlsbad Boot Camp is different than any other fitness club you’ve ever participated on. Have you tried diets, going to the gym or any other type of exercise program out there? Have you achieved any long term results or any at all? Does this sound familiar to you? So, the question is: why is our Carlsbad Boot Camp…

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August 18, 2015