Is Caffeine A Useful Bodybuilding Supplement?

Caffeine supplement

Multiple studies have shown that caffeine is indeed useful as a bodybuilding supplement, but only if taken in the proper form, dosage and at the right time. Not only does it help athletes workout longer in the gym, but it also increases alertness, sharpens focus, improves mood, boosts pain tolerance and helps burn fat. And…

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What Is Whey Protein and How Does It Help You Build Muscle?

Whey is a by-product from the production of cheese and consists of four proteins: Beta-lactoglobulin Alpha-lactalbumin Bovine serum albumin Immunoglobins   Because it contains all nine amino acids, it is considered a complete protein.     If you go to buy whey protein, you’ll find it comes in three different types. From the least to…

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Can You Build Muscle as a Vegetarian or Vegan?

When it comes building muscle, diet is key – especially eating enough protein and carbohydrates, and keeping food in your stomach throughout the day. However many bodybuilders get their protein from animal sources – in particular eggs, dairy and meat. So can you get enough protein and carbs from a primarily plant-based diet to build…

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8 Best Sources of Protein for Muscle Building


While there are hundreds of foods containing protein that you can eat to build muscle, these 8 are the best and will give you the fastest results:     A muscle building favorite of bodybuilders. When consumed before and after workouts, this complete protein digests fast and is absorbed quickly by muscles thus helping them…

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