Announcement for North County residents over age 55+ ONLY:

Have You Just About Given Up Searching For A Safe And Effective Program Tailored to Your Unique Needs? 

Our Functional Training Program Provides The RESULTS You Want NOW With The PLAN You’ll Need TOMORROW… 

 *NOTE: This science-based program is the ONLY specifically designed for people over age 55+ available in North County. 

If this describes you, you’ll want to read this announcement. 

The lack of fitness solutions for this age group frustrates us …

Most weight loss or fitness programs available are either so ‘over the top’, you can get injured just watching them…


They’re so watered down they produce zero results.

These unsuitable alternatives drove us to build an option that would provide folks just like you with the weight loss, fitness, and strengthening results you’ve been looking for…

Even if you haven’t exercised in years…

Even if you’ve tried other options before and got nowhere…

Even if you’d given up hope of losing those pounds that you’ve added on over time…

But more importantly,

The Functional Training Program – as we call it – described here will finally give you the results you’ve been looking for…

Without having to spend hours upon hours in the gym…

Without having to follow some bizarre or trendy diet…

Without requiring you to do dangerous, injury-causing movements…

And without wasting your valuable time and money!  

Did you know that person over 55 is more likely to die from a fall related injury than from cancer!

Or that a 75 year old who takes up strength training can change their biological age to 45!  

The human body is truly astounding, isn’t it?

When you retain muscle on the body, you keep aging and disease at bay…it really is that direct a connection!

So…we began to train others with this targeted approach.

At FitREV Studio, we knew we could have an impact by creating a program that was specifically intended to address the issues ALL of us face, once we reach 45 and beyond, like:

As a result…the Functional Training Program was born. It's something safe and appropriate.

It is truly one of a kind.

Here is how our program works: 

1) The Small Group Approach

Feeling like just a number is NEVER the way to success. We strictly limit the size of our small group training sessions.

This way you receive the benefits of individual attention without the expense of private 1:1 training.

2) The Magic is in the program

No machines. No endless treadmill jogging. No high-intensity craziness.

Just sound functional (meaning “real world”) strength and fitness work. Designed specifically for YOU.

3) We’ll end with an Assessment

This is the key to the process. While it is often ignored…an Assessment is your road map. Without one, you’ll have no idea what you should be doing!

Once you've done 2-3 sessions, we can go over your strengths, weaknesses and limitations. Discuss your goals and get your feedback on the program.

Does this approach work?
Heck yeah…  

(And you receive all of this for a fraction of what you might expect to pay…certainly nothing like the cost of personal training, as you’ll see.) 

Check out what your fellow Carlsbad residents have to say: 

Julie Sugawara 

Michael Rappaport

Barb Hayos

"I started at FitRev 30 days ago and it has been an incredible experience! The workout has helped me physically (I've already lost 9 pounds!) and emotionally! As a full-time Caregiver for both my parents my experience with this program has been amazing! I love the workouts and Joel and Grant are fantastic! If you are looking for a good seniors (55+) workout, this is it!
Update: After 1-1/2 mos- down 13 pounds and still loving it!"

Laurie Kudroff

"It is so hard getting started in any exercise routine. Thanks to Joel, Grant and the team at the studio I am getting stronger and more flexible. this is a great group - encouraging, supportive and FUN while getting fit ❤️."

Remember, it’s all about muscle.

As we stated earlier, the more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you burn and the more confidence you gain…

The good news is that we've got a program that will give you immeasurable health benefits, whatever your age.

Now, as you might suspect, we truly believe in this approach to fitness over 45 so, as a result, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. 




That’s right…

Let’s make sure we are a great fit for each other.

After that, if you love the program like we believe you will, we can move forward with your Functional Training Program.

I realize there are programs out there that charge much more for the same service…or charge the same but only provide access to gym equipment…

But this is the affordable balance we designed.

Now, what do you do next? 

Pay $49 online now. (Money Back Guarantee)

As we mentioned before, we offer small group training. We can only fit 8 people per session. If you pay now, you can secure your spot.

Show up to your session!

You will receive an email confirmation and a reminder to attend the session you selected.

Right now we are offering sessions Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 am.

If you have any questions, you can text us directly at:  (760) 571-2393 or message us on Facebook. 

FAIR WARNING: Because we impose very strict limits to our class size – and there is only one trainer – our membership numbers are limited.

Spots are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

So if what we explained here today sounds like the approach you are looking for, please do not let another week, month or year go by without taking charge of your health and fitness.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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*Results may vary from one person to another. Results also depend on how often you workout. We recommend working out at our studio 2-3 times per week.  


Sessions will begin Monday, November 11th.