You know what it takes to effectively build muscle, burn fat and become fit using your own body weight for resistance. You also understand there are a few accessories which can really amplify your results. You have even been introduced to a few common bodyweight exercises.


What you need to do now is craft a bodyweight training program specifically designed for your unique situation. Let's get started.


Fire up your computer or smartphone and head over to Google. Search for “beginner bodyweight routine” or “beginner bodyweight workout”. You will see literally hundreds of thousands of search results. Take some time to look through the first 20 or 30 web pages you are referred to.


This will give you an idea of some beginner exercise routines that other people just like you are using. Choose one that looks like it would be challenging, but not too difficult. Try it on for size. Put it into practice.


Actually do the exercises.


Then you can slowly tweak that routine, adding more bodyweight movements as you become physically familiar with the process.


One great way to make sure you are practicing proper form and getting the most results is to type those same bodyweight terms mentioned above into the YouTube search engine. This way you can see exactly how bodyweight training beginners like yourself are performing and benefiting from specific exercises.


What are you waiting for!?


Get started today. Your dream body and the best physical fitness of your life are just waiting for you to begin your bodyweight training journey.