The Garmin Vivofit fitness band can be purchased in your favorite color, and was designed to keep you active and moving throughout your day. Compatible with or without a heart rate monitor, the simple looking but highly durable rubber band comes equipped with a large display that you can read at a glance. This fitness monitoring wristband has been created to stay on 24/7, and is water resistant as well as comfortable. Let’s give the Garmin Vivofit band a close review and see exactly what you can expect from this wearable fitness monitor.


Key Elements of the Garmin Vivofit


* One year battery life guaranteed

* With or without heart rate monitor

* Offered in a wide variety of colors

* Counts calories and improves your sleep patterns

* Red “Move Bar” encourages you to stay active all day


Is the Garmin Vivofit a Smart Buy?


Garmin has designed the Vivofit fitness band to do a lot of the things typical fitness monitoring wristwatches and bands can handle. The number of steps you take can be tracked, as well as the calories you burn and how far you have traveled.


But the Garmin Vivofit fitness band / watch can also track your sleep patterns. This allows you to review that data later and use it to establish better nighttime habits. This increases your energy level and productivity during the day.


The most innovative feature of this fitness band is the unique Move Bar on the display. If you remain inactive for 1 hour, the red bar shows up, alerting you to unhealthy activity. There are also additional light segments which show up every 15 minutes of inactivity, which function as a 24/7 personal trainer to ensure that you are getting enough exercise and physical activity.


This particular model is versatile, because it comes with or without an accompanying heart rate monitor. Garmin guarantees at least 1 year of life out of the band’s battery, and the self-contained unit is water resistant.


Another nice feature is the ability to connect with the Garmin Connect online community wirelessly. This allows you to interact with other fitness minded individuals, share and brag about your achievements, and join fitness challenges without having a wired connection.


The Garmin Vivofit is offered in red, purple, gray, green, blue and black, and makes a smart purchase for those individuals that want to monitor and maximize their physical activity, calorie burning, sleep patterns and overall health. Provided with or without a heart rate monitor, this versatile fitness band is priced attractively for most budgets.