3 Day Pass


[cro_accordionitem title=”How do I get a 3 Day Pass?” item=”active” ]

You can get a 3 Day Pass by clicking here. [/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”I already entered my information for a 3 Day Pass. What should I do next?” item=”” ]

Please check your inbox, you should’ve received an email with instructions. If you can’t find the email, make sure you check your spam or junk mail.


[cro_accordionitem title=”Can I just show up and try a free Boot Camp Session?” item=”” ]

Each Boot Camp Session has a specific number of spaces available. If you show up without reserving your space, the session might be full. Also, you need to sign our waiver before you can start your free sessions.

You can show up 10min. before the session you want to attend in order to sign the waiver. However, if the session is full, you have to wait for the next available session.




Groupon Offer


[cro_accordionitem title=”How do I activate the Groupon Offer I purchased?” item=”active” ]

You can activate your Groupon by clicking here.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”When does my program start?” item=”” ]

Your 4 or 3 Weeks start when you attend your first boot camp session.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Why does it show I owe money on Zen Planner?” item=”” ]

When you activate your Groupon offer on our member portal (Zen Planner), we still need to redeem your Groupon. Once we verified your purchase was successful and redeemed your Groupon voucher, the alert on your profile will disappear.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”How many Groupon Offers can I purchase for myself?” item=”” ]

Our Groupon Offer is limited to only one purchase per person. If you have purchased and used your Groupon Program, you cannot purchase another for yourself.[/cro_accordionitem]



General Questions


[cro_accordionitem title=”I haven’t worked out in a while and/or never participated in a Boot Camp before, can I still workout at your Boot Camp?” item=”active” ]

Yes, our Boot Camp Sessions are designed for all fitness levels and you can still do them even if you haven’t worked out in a long time. The exercises can be personalized to your fitness level.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”What is your meal plan like?” item=”” ]

Meal plans can vary depending on the offer you opted for or based on your own personal goals.

Generally the meal plans consist of 3 meals and 1 snack a day.

It’s a healthy diet designed for long term results. You may continue to follow the meal plan for as long as you like. You won’t be hungry or feel deprived. It’s a very easy meal plan to follow.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Do I need to reserve my sessions ahead of time?” item=”” ]

Yes, it’s best to reserve ahead of time for two reasons. First, you’re making sure you won’t show up to a full session. Second, planning ahead makes it easier for you to fit your workout sessions in your day.


[cro_accordionitem title=”How do I reserve my workout sessions?” item=”” ]

There are two ways you can reserve your Boot Camp Sessions. The first is by downloading and signing in to our Member App.

The second way is by our signing in to our Member Login.[/cro_accordionitem]



Still have questions?

Then send us an email at support@carlsbadbootcamps.com.