Are You Ready to Look and Feel Your Best?

AWESOME! Then you're in the right place! We have the BEST and most EFFECTIVE workouts in the entire North County!

We've created the perfect fitness program for you to achieve your fitness goals. Introducing our Fit For 2020 Program! Don't miss our on this special offer and its bonuses. It ends March 31st and includes 4 weeks of unlimited boot camp workouts plus special bonuses your won't find anywhere else.

"Sessions are intense yet fun, the trainers are awesome and it's definitely a full body workout...in only 30 minutes!"

- Shari Jones

Hurry! Offer ends soon. Now you can purchase today and activate it at a later date.

You're Probably Wondering How We Can Deliver Amazing Results?

Because our quick 30 min. full body workout sessions are a special form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). They can make you burn up to 1000 calories in one session! Talk about efficiency!

Which means that at FitREV Studio you can get the excellent results you want, but twice as fast!

With our workouts you'll...

Spend less time working out and more time enjoying life.

We know you'll love our trainers and studio so much you'll want to hang out with us all the time. But our 30 min. sessions are designed to give you a quick and effective workout. So you'll be in and out and have your daily workout done in no time.

Workout anytime because our sessions fit your schedule! 

With over 37 weekly fast sessions, there's no excuse for skipping a session.

Stay motivated and receive personalized attention.

The small group training allows our professionally certified coaches to guide you, motivate you and make sure you do the exercises correctly.  

Never get bored.

Hey! We don't want you to get tired of boring repetitive workouts. Our sessions change daily, so you’ll have fun, be challenged and engaged in every single session.

Take a peek at one of our sessions below!

After the first class I took I was hooked. The level of enthusiasm and motivation is beyond anything or anywhere I've worked out. 

Susan Hines

Facebook Review

Plus... With This Special Online Offer, You Get These Special Bonuses for FREE!

UNLIMITED Kickboxing Sessions ($199 Value)

This is a non-contact cardio circuit were you'll be doing standard kickboxing moves. You can build your strength, endurance and raise your energy levels with the fast paced high intensity stations. The best part is you''ll get to kick that stress to the curb!

Custom Meal Plan ($200 Value)

You know that nutrition is about 80% of your results. So we'll provide you an easy to follow plan that's tailored to your goals and designed by a registered dietitian.

Personal Accountability Coach

 We know sometimes we all need a little kick in the butt. So, we decided to give you a personal coach that will keep you accountable. Let's ensure you finally achieve the results you deserve. You can text or email them ANYTIME. We want you to succeed!

Body Analysis

One of the best ways to help you get and stay motivated is by tracking your measurements. That's why we'll track your before and after measurements, so you can stay motivated and see honest results! 

FitREV Studio is perfect for you if you feel...

I don’t feel motivated to work out.

We offer motivation and accountability inside and outside our studio. While you workout, our trainers will keep you motivated and encouraged throughout the entire session. Our accountability coaches will check in with you to answer any questions, make sure you are working out or if need any help.

I'm not sure what exercises or equipment I need to use to see results.

At FitREV Studio you don't need to plan or worry about figuring out what exercises work best. Just show up to one of our sessions. Our trainers have planned the perfect full body workout for you and it only lasts 30 minutes.

I don’t have time to workout.   

We have many sessions throughout the day. And since they're super fast 30 minutes sessions, there's no excuse for skipping one.

I'm tired of the same exercise routine everyday.

Not to worry! Our workouts change daily. They’re fun, keep you challenged and engaged in every session. They also prevent you from hitting that dreaded fitness plateau.

I haven't worked out in a while and/or never participated in a Boot Camp before.

Don't worry! At our studio, all fitness levels are welcome because individual exercises may be modified to fit your level. How? For example, using lighter weights, working out at a slower pace and so on. Our trainers will help you reach your potential. 

This definitely beats being bored at the gym. I like that I don't have to think about what I'm going to work out each day because they plan everything for me! Every day is a different workout and it keeps me interested and motivated to go. Highly recommended!!! 

Lindsay Himmel 

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Purchase this offer.

This is a very important step. 😀 Then, schedule your success orientation.

Attend Your Success Orientation

At FitREV Studio we don't just give you access to workouts, we are committed to helping you get RESULTS. During Orientation we'll make recommendations to help you SUCCEED. We'll help you set up the right expectations to achieve your fitness goals. 

Start Working Out

We recommend attending 2-3x a week. You can only get results if you show up.

Attend your Nutrition Consult.

Receive your custom meal plan. It's tailored to your goals and created by a registered dietitian. About 80% of results depend on how you fuel your body.

Get the AWESOME Results You Deserve!

Super impressed with the guidance, meal plans and especially the workouts. The sessions easily fit into my schedule and you stay motivated in the small group setting. Both trainers are top notch and you feel as though you have your own personal trainer during the classes. The HIIT training is fast and effective and I couldn't be more pleased with my results and I'm only 4 weeks in!  

Carlos Jeffreys 

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When do my 4 weeks start? 

Your 4 weeks start the moment you attend your first session.

**Important:If you signed up but wish to start on different date, please send us an email with your intended start date.

Do I need to attend Orientation before my first session? 

Yes, you we will contact you to book a time to attend one of our orientations. During this time we'll be explaining this new program and set you up for success!  

Do I need to reserve my sessions ahead of time?  

Yes, it’s best to reserve ahead of time for two reasons. First, you’re making sure you won’t show up to a full session. Second, planning ahead makes it easier for you to fit your workout sessions in your day.  

I haven't worked out in a while and/or never participated in a Boot Camp before, can I still join?

Yes, our sessions are designed for all fitness levels. You can still do them even if you haven’t worked out in a long time. Exercises in each session can be adapted to your fitness level.  

Are there showers available?

No, there are no showers available in our studio. We do have changing rooms and cubbyholes where you can store your items while you're in a session. 

Is there childcare available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer childcare. However, you are more than welcome to have your child wait in our lobby.  


"It's been nearly 8 weeks for me and I've lost over 10 pounds and feel fantastic! I would highly recommend Carlsbad Fit Body Boot Camp to anyone....you will love it too!"


"After the 6 weeks challenge, I have lost at least 3 dress sizes and have so much more energy."


"I lost pounds and inches but gained so much more to help me stay fit."


"Flexibility and balance has been hard for me in the past and I am really seeing some improvements in those areas."


"Feel my strength building, my mood improving..."


"I'm losing weight, but more importantly, I'm getting strong again!"



Our fitness studio is the perfect environment to help you get it shape. Let us help you. Call our studio your new home for the next 4 Weeks and hopefully beyond that. Our coaches will keep you accountable to ensure you finally achieve the results you deserve. Let's get you fit for 2020! 

Hurry! Offer ends soon. Now you can purchase today and activate it at a later date.



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