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Stay Home, Stay Fit & Stay Connected!

NOW Offering LIVE SESSIONS and access to an online community to help you stay connected, active and motivated!

We know we are living in scary times right now and things are somewhat uncertain but we want you to know that, at FitREV Studio, we are here to support you in your fitness journey.

We are now doing all of our sessions live and online! We're also posting daily mindset and motivational videos and nutrition tips and guidance to keep you on track, motivated, and optimistic while stuck at home.

We're excited to bring our workouts straight to your home. And we will keep delivering you our specialized form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). So you can continue to burn up to 1000 calories during our 30 minute sessions.

Join us by clicking below as we help everybody stay active, healthy, connected and motivated during these difficult times! 


Samantha Inboden

"I highly recommend this gym! The classes are short at only 30 minutes, but still effective. The class sizes are small which I LOVE. Also, the meal plan they provide isn't too restricting and easy to follow. Love this place!!"

Mary Boland-Doyle

"Excellent motivating workouts for anyone of any physical type, or level of fitness. Modifications are there for you no matter where you are starting from, and will take you to the best you can be."

Although fast, the workouts are truly effective!! Every day is different, which helps prevent boredom, and muscles I haven't hit before, are now sore in a good way! I am feeling much stronger, and I am starting to notice a difference in my appearance. Definition in my arms and abs keeps me motivated to keep going! I've enjoyed getting to know the fellow participants...everyone is friendly, and the staff are motivating and encouraging! Definitely recommend!!  

Katrina Bolstad

This place is phenomenal! The trainers are very attentive and make the class challenging but still enjoyable. Every day the workouts are different which guarantees that you will be feeling sore muscles in places you did not know you had, but trust me this is a good thing! Mon-Fri each class is 30 mins so if you are someone who cannot dedicate a lot of time to the gym this is the perfect place to squeeze in a good workout. Aside from great workouts and equipment, the environment at this gym is friendly and you can feel the sense of community that is there. I strongly recommend checking it out! 

Nellie Barnett

I was worried about being able to keep up, but the workouts are made for all fitness levels. Joel is so motivating and attentive, which makes this place more inviting. You aren't just left to figure out the workout on your own. The circuit workouts are just the right amount of tough! Everyday that I left that gym I felt like I had a the best workout. Sweat drenched and tired. I love the convenience of being able to pick a time to workout instead of being committed to a set time everyday. Thank you so much for all the fantastic workouts! 

Tish Roman

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